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So we want to have this thing called ‘Video of the Week’ where we show you a video that should make you think and then we talk about and you can let us know your opinions in the comment section.

So the video we’ll be talking about this week is #DearDaddy and I’m sure you’ve already seen it with over 10 million views on YouTube but it speaks volumes to a larger issue something that faces every country no matter what the scale is. For people who haven’t seen it for whatever reason, here’s the link:


Now that you’ve watched the video, you probably know that the video takes about rape but also the fact that women a labelled to make them inferior and the lack of gender equality.

This is a serious issue and is affecting most countries around the world but lets keep it local and talk about India. Although rates of it have come down in the past 3 years is still a nation-wide epidemic and happens more often than one would think. Like any crime that is committed, we learn from the environment around us.

Now in a lot of place in India, there are laws that protect women involved in domestic abuse cases but more often than not they are ignored in a majority of the country. So when a young boy look on at his father calling his mother a ‘bitch’ or a ‘whore’, it starts to form an image that in fact is okay and the mother’s lack of response to this abuse make it all the more okay in the mind of a boy.

Then we come to religion, no doubt that encourage women to be submissive to an extent that is ugly and disgusting. Today, we have a large portion of society who don’t use religion as guidelines to their life but actual hard and fast rules to determine how to live their life and their live by it strictly when in reality, it needs to be taken in with a grain of salt.

As the old generation goes, we need to teach new generations and convicted felons of the way to treat women and it is so important for every citizen to know that there is no difference between a man and woman that is not anatomical. This is just a brief view on women’s rights in a “modern society”. Now I would love yo hear what you guys think in the comment section below. ¬†Until next ¬†time, stay informed.


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