Obama and Peace in the Middle East

With the two worst possible candidates running for the US presidency (Clinton and Trump), a lot a people are talking about President Obama’s accomplishments and whether he has been able to maintain peace in the war-torn regions of the Middle East. I’m sure a lot of you wouldn’t be surprised with the answer, which is no.

We can all agree that Obama was a good president compared to his republican counterparts who were running against him at the time, but that’s neither here nor there. Obama has had the worst track record in the history of US presidents when it comes to maintaining peace in the middle east.  Let’s look at the Israel and Palestine conflict since the big O took office.

America has always been pro-Israel since the early 1970’s but Obama’s policy for this region is like adding to a very grey area in political divergence. The treatment of the Palestinian’s by the Israelite’s in the border areas of West Bank is appalling and America’s liberation of people turns a blind eye when it comes to this particular region.

When Israeli’s are killed, Obama makes a statement but when Palestinians are killed, Obama calls it an unfortunate incident. You can’t bring peace to just a single group while ignoring massacres on another side. Make no mistake, there is no good and evil here, both sides are doing despicable things and both sides are living in constant fear.

To sign off, injustice anywhere is still injustice everywhere.



Author: thinkerstribune

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