Desire to Defame Donald


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*This article has been updated because of an audio tape of Trump’s disturbing comment about Lindsay Lohan, the link to the audio is at the end of the article*

Okay so here we are less than 40 days away from getting a new US President. A lot of things have changed in the past week or so; especially with the infamous tapes that have been released as well as many lawsuits coming out against him. Being a political analyst myself I had no idea that this was coming.

Of course, he was a misogynist like we have seen previously from a lot of republican candidates but this level of misogyny is ridiculous. How can you talk about women in that way and call it “locker room” talk? This just came out a few days ago where an audio clip o Trump telling a 10 years old girl that in 10 years he’d be dating her. How are people not reacting to this? Yes, there is a lot negative tweets and statements but this man should be kicked out of this election and the police should watch out for him because he just might be a sexual predator. Not convinced? Imagine he said that to your daughter? I know every parent reading this would knock his socks off.

I’m not blaming America or the republican party here. I’m blaming all of us, we saw this coming, the ridiculous statements after statements and yet we stood by. He insulted a community of over a billion people and we didn’t do anything about it.

Now is the time to defame Donald Trump, this election is over for him. Even if this was a long-time ago, he was married and we need to do some serious investigation because this man could be a sexual predator who preys on the young. If he is elected which looks unlikely, it not just the US that will be affected it will be the entire world. Time to speak up and I want to start this hashtag, hopefully it will catch on #defamethedonald.

Okay, I was going to be done with this article right here but there has been breaking news here about Donald Trump making comments about Lindsay Lohan saying that troubled teens are much better in bed. This is it! We need to stop him. He’s making it seem okay to do these things. This is morbidly disgusting and we need to stop this train-wreck before it gets worse. Here is the article and voice clip of the comments made by Trump via Raw Story.

Trump’s comments about Lindsay Lohan


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