Things You Need To Know About Long-Distance Relationships



This is a topic has been out there for many years and I really didn’t want to write about this particularly but seeing as I am in a long-distance relationship myself, I thought this article could possibly help people out there.

Before I list out the things you should know about long distance let me tell you that you should brace yourself that it is going to be hard and it will take its toll on you, so just be prepared before hand and make sure it’s something that both of you want and its not something that’s said in the heat of the moment.

  • Be Focused: This is important because, with the difficulties in a relationship and being in a new place, long-distance relationships become a struggle especially if you don’t give it the time of day. As it is in relationships, you need to pay attention to what your partner needs; so when it comes to long distance to need to triple that and it is very hard and just try to do the best you can and take a general interest in what’s going on in their lives.


  • Trust: This is perhaps the most important part of long-distance relationships that I’ve come to learn over my time in a long-distance relationship. It’s very easy to have doubts and rightly so because your girl might be saying she’s alone at home having dinner when she’s actually at a party. Now I’ve struggled with this for a very long time and I’ve come to a simple statement, if he or she wants to cheat on you, they’re going to cheat on you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Just trust and it will really help the relationship.


  • Be Committed: I’m not talking about having an affair here, you’re scum if you do. What I’m talking about is making commitments of being in regular contact with your better half. You probably know that Skype is such a useful tool as well as messenger apps like WhatsApp because it gives your partner a sense of what you’re doing and also lessens the suspicion that might take place. Take time for each other and I know you’d rather grab a beer at the pub or go for a movie but take time and this is the most important make sure the other person feels needed. (In moderate quantities)


  • Don’t Be Overbearing: This is so important and a lot of people that I know have ruined their relationships with this. When you’re away from your partner, its only natural to miss them and feel cheesy. That’s good and everybody loves to be needed or feel missed but its important to do that in moderation. Don’t stop living your life because of somebody else, the universe has a plan for you and even more important than your relationship, its so essential for you to be genuinely happy. People who are overbearing are generally sad and that’s a general turn-off for anybody.


I hope this helped and I wish you all the luck if you’re in a long-distance relationship, you probably need it.


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