How Clinton got Bernie OUT!


I gotta tell you guys when this story broke I was flipping my mind and I was logging on to youtube when I saw this video on The Young Turks  and my mind was blown. As a political analyst you see certain things on the campaign trail and Clinton’s power was scary to me and Bernie Sanders not winning in certain expected states told me that there was something much larger at hand.

If you’re not already aware Wikileaks have released Hillary Clinton’s emails and it is quite shocking. As soon as this happened I knew the shit was going to hit the ceiling. According to the email released by Wikileaks, the Clinton campaign has worked along with the Obama administration to make sure not to pass a particular bill that would ensure that Bernie Sanders main political policies would not have been brought to mainstream media. In other words, Clinton worked with the Obama administration to make sure Bernie got the raw end of the deal. More Wikileaks are coming out so stay tune. According to major website most of the content on Wikileaks regarding Clinton expose the flip-flop positions of Hillary Clinton.

Since this story broke out on the Young Turks, you need to go check them out, they’re the real deal and do a wonderful job is representing fare and accurate news to the world. More updates to come soon.


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