Why Hillary Clinton is so lucky!


Here we are again 22 days till America gets a new president and if you’re right in the head, there’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton would be the right choice in this election cycle. With everything that’s been coming up with the emails between Hillary Clinton and John Podesta have revealed her attitude of her flip-flopping on so many issues

I think its comes to a crucial stage where Americans need to see what is the best for their country at this current time and point and the answer to that is Hillary Clinton. That being said, with these recent emails; if she had run against anybody else she would have lost and badly and I believe that strongly. She probably would have lost to Ted Cruz but since its Donald Trump, she has a clear path to the presidency.

In my opinion I think Hillary Clinton was a very good person but the political system corrupted her to such an extent that she had to get paid for speeches and not really form an opinion for herself. It’s quite alarming how many issues she’s flip-flopped on and I honestly do think that the American people deserve far better for all they’ve had to put up with. I don’t think either candidates are worthy of the votes of hard-working Americans.

As of now she is the only choice that makes sense with lesser damage to America and the world.


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