Okay so here we are with the final presidential debate in the United States and we would of course love to know many answers to questions that have no been asked in previous presidential debates.

Firstly what about Syria and refugee crisis, something that is genocide in that part of the world and neither of the presidential candidates want to talk about it. We’ll of course hear about Donald Trump and the sexual assault allegations that have come up in the past few days and he is going to give a very straight answer which makes him unaccountable for any of his actions.

If this was CNN or MSNBC I think the wikileaks of Clinton’s emails between her and John Podesta and other white house representatives might have gone unasked but with Fox news hosting this debate, they would want to boost Trump as much as they can so that would mean trying to damage Hillary Clinton’s reputation. I’ve also said this before if Clinton was up against any candidate other than Trump she would have lost and badly.

Economic inequality is a popular topic at these debates but the answers barely touch the surface at all, the issues of expensive tuition for students, welfare and social security have not been talked about. I wonder whether America’s recent role in Yemen will be brought up and topic that would be interesting is America’s foreign policy role and how its brought numerous deaths to the middle east for over a decade; but who are we kidding, they’re never going to ask that.

It will be a fun debate with sniffing, dodging and an unapologetic attitude as well as psychotic smiles, weird hand gestures and flip-flopping. Stay tuned. More articles, coming your way.


What questions do you think should be asked at the final US Presidential Debate tonight? Hit a like and let us know in the comments down below. Follow us on social media too!





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