French TV Scandal!



You’ve probably heard about this, about a few days ago a man kissed a woman on her breasts without consent on national television in France. Fairly blunt isn’t it? I didn’t believe it either when I read those words the first time.

Apparently it was part of a continuous show which somewhat like Saturday Night Live in the United States. The particular skit in question was a parody of Kim Kardashian’s robbery in Paris earlier this month. Television Presenter Cyril Hanouna was trying to set a record for being on the air for 35 hours straight which was called 35 Hours of Baba.

The skit goes like this, Soraya (Kim Kardashian) was in the bathtub and Maire was the locksmith who was going to rescue her, once he had done this, the presenter Hanouna said  Maire deserved a kiss. At this point, it was pretty evident that Soraya wanted no part in this and refused multiple times. When she eventually gave her cheek for a kiss, Maire kissed her breasts. The whole situation was very uncomfortable to watch.

When this story broke a few days ago, I though that a lot of progressives will talk but people will forget about it. To my surprise, the French reacted quite strongly to this and rightly so. The show received over 250 complaints within 24 hours, how’s that record setting?

The show is still facing a lot of heat and we all know what sexual assault is but under French law, if the person is surprised by your actions and has clearly not given consent it is deemed as sexual assault.  That’s not all, if Maire is charged he may have to spend 5 years in prison or pay 75,000 Euro’s for this act.

Check out the link – Woman Kissed Inappropriately on Live Television!

I’m very glad about the overflowing response and how people are not sitting back and saying nothing. This is how we effect change by a words and our action. Silence has no power today. Start a conversation today.


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