America’s Gun Control!


America is a phenomenal country with unlimited tourist and photographic opportunities that deep rooted in history that go as far back to the 1700’s. Another ideal that goes back to the 1700’s is guns and the second amendment. We all saw the final presidential debate and one of the hot topics was gun control.

As an outsider and this isn’t just my perspective but wouldn’t everybody be a lot safer, if there were no guns? Just common sense, isn’t it? There are 33,000 people who die because of gun violence in America every year and this number has increased from 13,000 back in 2011. Now what most hard-core pro gun activists would say is that its mostly gang bangers who die or people kill people.

Here’s what matters, these are people who live and breathe and because of your decision, your second amendment, they die. 33,000 people a year. It just puzzles me, how people can be okay with that? How can you be okay that you can walk out of your house and you could get shot. How does that work?

Let’s talk about the second amendment for a moment. A well-regulated militia to help secure people if things go wrong so people should be able to keep guns. That means if a dictator or somebody abuses power then you go form a well-regulated militia, do people not understand what it clearly states? You have the NRA who doesn’t do great background checks and you can buy guns at gun shows and exhibitions across the country.

Another great excuse, I’ve heard from a lot of Americans is that they are protective themselves from the terrorists and other ethnic hate groups. Although, statistically an American is more likely to shoot up a place than a terrorist or an immigrant. It’s ridiculous.

As an outside looking the American society, how is any of this okay. How do people die and you don’t raise your arms in protest? How is it that you support something that is capable of killing an entire educational institution, a club or a clinic? All of which has happened in the past three years? How does one of the wealthiest and most intelligent countries in the history of the world have such a high firearm related death rate? Will this even change or 30,000+ deaths one day go up to 50,000+ deaths and more and more. The human spirit is nothing if it doesn’t help people and make a change.


What do you think about gun control? Yay or Nay? Please like this article and comment below and since this is a sensitive topic, try to be civil in the comments section.

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