Lawsuit against Jim Carrey: Update!



When this story broke, I was completely stunned and couldn’t believe it – my childhood hero is a bad dude? WHAT IS HAPPENING!

For those of you who don’t know the story, Jim Carrey is being sued by Mark Burton, the ex-husband of Carrey’s on and off girlfriend from Ireland, Cathriona White. Burton alleges that Carrey bought drugs for Cathriona which resulted in her suicide. Ms. White’s mother is now presenting evidence that claims that Carrey gave Ms White herpes and chlamydia which doesn’t look good for the star.

What makes matter worse, in one of the earlier suicide notes written by Ms. White entails of Carrey giving her STD’s but the validity of the claims may have trouble being held up in a court of law. I say this because according to Ms. White’s mother, Carrey tested for STD’s under Jose Lopez and those claims are difficult to prove. Also given the fact that Ms. White was unstable and knowing that after breakups STD’s are common excuses to make certain partners stay in the relationship. How can we be sure of these claims and of its authenticity. Carrey had mentioned earlier this month that he could’ve paid off the accusers but something in life are¬†important to fight for.

In my opinion, I believe that this is a feeble attempt to grab money and especially attack Carrey at his weakest. If the accusers knew about all of this at the time, why did they start over a year later?

We’ll keep giving you updates as the story breaks.

_________________________________________________________________Do you think Carrey is capable of such treachery or is this another money-grabbing scheme? Comment down below!

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