Are Pranks In The Hood, Racist?


I got this email a couple of days asking me whether I thought pranks in the hood was racist and I never really thought about it, so I watched a few on YouTube and the more videos I saw, the more I thought this actually might be an attempt by white people to show aggressive behavior of people living in the hood.

Think about it for a moment, if somebody made a fart noise on you or a shady-looking person came up to you and said he’d like to beat you black and blue, how would you react? I don’t think the hood is supposed to be particularly violent, I just think people are doing whatever they can to survive because the man at the top doesn’t care about the black neighborhoods and we all know poor white neighborhoods have it better than poor black neighborhoods, that’s not by chance that’s by design.

I honestly do think going to the ghetto and provoking what are actually nice people is not racist but it is wrong and unfair. Sure, we all laugh about how angry this black man or woman gets but what they’re going through everyday is streets is not funny and farting on people and pulling their pants down in public is not funny is its insulting and crude.

I’ve linked a compilation of Prank in the Hood that have gone wrong right here!


We’re doing amazing things at Thinkers Tribune including street interviews in the next two weeks! So stay tuned!

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