US Cops Kill Pregnant Woman

Here we go again, more police brutality but this time it wasn’t somebody from the African-American community, it was a pregnant native American, Renee Davis and was shot by cops in Washington. This happened after a relative of Davis (foster sister), Danielle Bargala called the police for a wellness check as Davis was known to be depressed and suicidal.

According to the police, Davis was holding a handgun when they entered and of course in true US police fashion, she was lying dead on the floor. I don’t care what the police have to say, a pregnant native American woman is in no way a threat to you.

I understand that this is in the training to shoot-on-sight but what about changing that. Shoot in the leg or the arm to disarm the aggressor, does it have to be lying on the ground dead? These are human lives with emotions and fears and love in their hearts. These are nor paper frames at target practice!


90% of the time in the US, police are doing their job properly but 10% of people go crazy and think the only way to solve a problem is to kill or maybe the uniform gives them a chance to fulfill some crazy insecurities that they have. I don’t know. Unless people rise up and say enough is enough this is going to continue. How does a wellness check end up in being a death?

I know the white community cares about ethnic groups being killed so don’t sit there and say that it’s okay and this happens when you know it’s not okay.You have one life to make sure we gain equality and have a less hateful world for our children and the way it’s going I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


Do you think the cops went too far? How do we police the police? Comment down below!

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