Kelly vs Gingrich

If you’ve been watching Fox news lately you know that Megyn Kelly’s interview with Newt Gingrich have been causing a lot of attention in media circles around the world.

Newt Gingrich is a political consultant and a far right republican. He recently appeared on ‘The Kelly File’ on Fox News and he appeared as a surrogate for US Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump.

The reason why this story is even being covered on Thinkers Tribune is because Gingrich said something that might be taken as highly offensive. During the end of the brief interview, Gingrich said, “You are fascinate with sex and don’t care about public policy”. This was when Megyn Kelly has asked him about Trump’s sexual assault allegations. Gingrich’s straight away pivoted to make a counter argument of why Hillary Clinton’s latest WikiLeaks scandals were not covered.


This is what is so interesting about people who discriminate against other people. They never admit to being a certain way abour certain issues. Like racists often say, it’s his fault for being black or brown or he’s taking away my job. They distract and pivot like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t know what Gingrich’s stand is on Trump’s sexual assault allegations but  he doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about as it is with a lot of surrogates of Trump.

People like Gingrinch have that childhood argument behavior. It’s like he’s not going to own up to something that somebody he supports did, he’s straight away going to blame somebody else for a completely unrelated issue.

Megyn Kelly has had her set of controversies throughout her journalistic career but kudos to her for keeping her calm, especially when Gingrich started yelling like a maniac. Gingrich is a class A bully and we need more people like Megyn Kelly to stand up to guys like Gingrich and talk about the real issue that is women’s rights.


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