Bernie Sanders Still Has A Fight In Him!

Senator Bernie Sanders who had disappointed quite a large number of his followers when he dropped out of the race and endorsed Hillary Clinton a couple of months ago in mid-July and even recently again when he went to speak at a Hillary Clinton event

So is our role model a sellout? In fact just the opposite. Sen. Sanders made comments that he would go after Hillary Clinton if he doesn’t deliver the promises that she made during her campaign trail for the past two years. Sanders has claimed that if Clinton doesn’t elect advisors of like-minded people, instead of the same old “Wall-Street” type, Bernie will go in there and make a change and make sure things turn around.

Sound extremely idealistic doesn’t it? Very easy to say when you put it in words. Let’s examine something first, shall we? He started his announcement for the presidential nomination on a lawn with a few reporters and photographers and went on to have one of the largest and most popular following of any US presidential candidate. He made people believe that free tuition was possible and increasing the debilitating¬†economy of the United States was possible. So why not!?

I think if Hillary Clinton doesn’t deliver what she has promised is very likely and I would be extremely happy for my American friends if it didn’t but if she doesn’t deliver, there’s only one person that can change the system and that person is Bernie Sanders.


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