Duterte: “God Told Me To Stop Swearing”.

President of the Philippines – Rodrigo Duterte has been in the news a lot mostly for calling Barrack Obama choice world, “A son of a whore” to be exact. Although this is not the only time that Duterte has used vulgarity in his speech.

He has also called the European Union “hypocritical” and threatened to leave the UN. He has also compared himself to Hitler saying that he would gladly kill 3 million drug addicts. Why he’s in the news is because of what he said which doesn’t blame anyone but himself. Duterte says that God told him to stop swearing or he (God) would crash the plane.

This is strange even for Duterte, he has no remorse for his actions but he’s stopping swearing because God told him to.


What do you think caused Duterte to say this, an act of God or mere publicity? Comment down below and hit that like button!

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