Fbi “Assessing” HRC Email Scandal!

Breaking: The Federal Bureau Of Investigation has decided to re-open the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails after email and emails provided by WikiLeaks.

There has already been some damning evidence of the corruption of Hillary Clinton and her pure greed and sabotage of any candidate that stood in her way name, Bernie Sanders. The FBI has not called this a re-opening and claims that the term is premature and is calling it instead, an assessment of the emails once again. Isn’t the rhetoric pretty much along  the same lines though?

So what does this mean? Will this sabotage Hillary Clinton’s election outcome? Of course, it won’t, she’s in the clear to win the presidency although a lot of people aren’t too happy about that even if they’re voting for her.

The reason this is important is Wikileaks have just started the motherload of releasing emails to the public and this scandal couldn’t come at a worse time? The million dollar question is what is in these emails? It could be horrible atrocities or it could be just the general greed of power by the Clinton administration.

We’ll be providing you more updates as the story breaks.


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