Icelandic Women Go On Mass Protest

Icelandic women have always known throughout modern history for taking a stand for women’s rights when the world didn’t. They’ve always taken a stand for raising their voice when the world kept quiet and is a perfect example of how a society should function when dealing with women’s rights.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because the women of Iceland are at it again as thousands of women left Iceland early this week to protest the wage gap between men and women. According to the women of Iceland, the women make 72 cents if a man makes a Dollar. So this week all the women throughout Iceland left their jobs early at 2:38 pm and organized a mass protest in the country.

Now you might be asking why 2:38pm? What is the significance of this odd time? The answer is that according to the women in Iceland, the discrimination in the pay gap is unfair and even though they are working as long as men they continue to make less money. So they leave at this particular time to make a point that they are working as much as they are getting paid.

I think this send a strong message to the government of Iceland and I’m sure the change will be on its way very soon. It’s also important to note that Iceland had the first woman leader in government in the history of the world only after Argentina and that is phenomenal. It’s really heart-warming to see that a small island can raise their voice when the women community throughout the world is being suppressed. Hopefully, people around the world will see this and raise their voice too.

People always look to America, Canada, and England for leadership but why don’t we look at these wonderful European nations as well. America has tried with women’s rights but still has a large gender gap in terms of wage and Iceland being a majority of Christians, there are no women who believe that a woman’s role should be traditional. With Iceland’s

With Iceland’s efforts, this could be the start of a revolution. Our revolution.


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