“Little Things” by Dice Media will blow you away!

Youtube is filled with beautiful miniseries and online tv shows most of them are not from India unfortunately but Dice Media has created one that seems effortlessly realistic when talking about modern relationships among millennials.

I first saw the trailer on Filter Copy’s channel and I thought this would be interesting but dismissed it because I had been disappointed by other shows that had failed to deliver. This is different and if I could pick one word to describe this, it would be ‘honest’.

From what I can tell, the show revolves around Dhruv and Kavya who live together or are married (something that isn’t really defined) and they go on about their life. What I love about these characters is that they are flawed in more way than one and show the fact that relationships are complicated and it is a constant compromise.

Another thing that is really appealing about this show is that the people have been cast aren’t your typical plastic good-looking actors, they look like a regular Indian and talk like one too.

Only one episode has been released so far but based on first impressions, it was truly wonderful and I can’t wait for the second episode to be released.


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