October Movie Pick 2 – The Accountant

There’re some rave reviews about this film and I get it, it’s completely different from your typical action film where the protagonist is almost always a spy. That being said, I don’t think that the film lived up to the hype of the film.

First, let’s put it out there, Ben Affleck did a phenomenal job and to all you Affleck haters, I think he’s proven his talent in the past few years with Gone Girls, Argo and now this film. I think he did a wonderful job on this film and really understood the character depth and played the intricate details that are associated with Autism.

The film revolves around the life of Christian Wolff who is a brilliant accountant but in a twist is also an amazing marksman having been brought up with an army father. Through the film, he befriends a fellow accountant but when the deal goes south he must save her life.

The film’s story is a good one but I think it was oversimplified and took forever to build up to initial excitement of the film. The saving grace of the film is Affleck and pure action, carefully maneuvered with just the right balance. Anna Kendrick also performed her role well and I think she will have big roles in the future. J.K. Simmons was brilliant as usual as everything he touches is pure gold.

The cinematography was beautiful but the oversimplification of the script took a lot away from the film. Nevertheless is definitely worth a watch and you will be entertained by this one.

Thinkers Tribune Rating  3.2/5


Look out for more movie reviews this November including Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts coming soon!

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