Since the FBI have started another investigation into the Hillary Clinton emails after the controversy brought up the email being leaked by Wikileaks, the Clinton campaign has fired back at them because this story might damage her public image before the election.

What’s very interesting here is the fact that this backlash may look like a person who is protesting too much. Robby Mook, the head of the Clinton campaign blasted FBI director, James Comey for a new investigation related to new emerging emails from the private server that Clinton had used. Mook called the initiative a “double-standard” and questioned why the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump wasn’t held to the same.

Comey had mentioned that this effort was made due to the proximity of the election. It is clear that the FBI as of right now has no clear sight what the emails contain. It could be damaging information or it could be absolutely nothing. Although if the Clinton campaign was sure that there was nothing of importance or anything that would destroy Clinton’s reputation, they probably wouldn’t have had such harsh accusations towards Comey and the FBI


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