Pope Disappoints Progressives!

The coolest and most awesome pope to ever grace this earth has disappointed quite a few progressive minds who love his optimistic attitude. He had made his position of women priests in the catholic church.

He said on a flight back to Rome that the direction it currently is going in is the same direction that Pope John Paul II had declared which was no female priests. Now this is very vague and why it is that important? It is important because Pope Francis has always been clear in whatever he has said, it has been a valid argument but in this scenario, he is just hanging on to what John Paul II said without any further discussion to why it is. It is also important to note that Pope Francis in the same interview stressed the importance of Mother Mary and said women could do many things better than men.

I agree with almost everything the Pope has said expect this one. A lot of people object to any rationalization by saying the scripture said so. Here’s how it happened, the Bible wasn’t written by Jesus or even the apostles. It was written 300 years after the death of these Apostles and they found these papers and this was assembled by a council and there is no doubt that they left some radical ideas out and put in what was the best fitting for the society at that point of time.

I believe that we are in 2016 and it is time for a fundamental change, the Bible has scriptures that oppress women and I think a female priest in the catholic church could definitely break that stereotypical thought process of misogyny and work towards an open dialogue for women’s rights.

Unfortunately, that’s a conversation we won’t be having for quite some time.


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