Black Church Burned In Mississippi

All lives matter? Of course, they do. Just because every life matters doesn’t mean the lives that need the most help get ignored.

A black church was burned in Greenville, Mississippi and sprayed with ‘Vote Trump’ along the side of the church. People get angry when black men and women fight for their rights. Why? If this happened to a white family, the news would have an outcry of sympathy and cover it for days but because it has to do with black lives, it’s just worth a mention and nothing more. Fortunately, there were no casualties as no one was present in the church since Tuesday.

Burning black churches are not a new trend they have been happening for a long time and that’s even after slavery had ended in the United States, this is definitely not a new trend. Birmingham, Alabama was nicknamed Bombigham because they use to throw flame bombs into black churches. This was as recent as 1963 and have been growing in trend.

If you actually believe in ‘All Lives Matter’, this wouldn’t be happening. Do you still wonder why the BLM group exists? People are still being persecuted on the color of their skin in the year 2016. It’s a travesty and a mockery of every nation that calls itself progressive and talks about equal rights.

It’s been said for a very long time that Trump’s rhetoric will get people killed and this is the proof. I don’t know what’s going to happen next with the followers of Trump being so blatantly ill-informed and such hate in their hearts.

I’ve always felt sorry for Trump supporters because they are scared and angry for what their government has done to them. You don’t deserve any sympathy anymore, you deserve a jail sentence.


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