America and Human Rights

With everything going on with Standing Rock, I can’t stay quiet. This isn’t an America thing, it is a human rights standpoint. I wasn’t going to write this story because I believe for a long time that the American government will stand up for the protesters but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

If you haven’t been following news in America for the past few weeks, let me fill you up. There is a 3bn dollar project to transport crude oil from North Dakota to a refinery in Illinois. Since its Native American land, people are protesting that this project could contaminate their water supply from the Missouri river as well the entire area being sacred land for the Native Americans.

Understandable. Go and protest. Here’s the problem, the people protesting have been put in cages, and non-lethal weapons have been used to contain the protesters including but not limited to sound bombs, rubber bullets, and tasers. As of November 2016, more than 400 people were arrested.

What happened to freedom of speech? The reason why you’ve been at war in the middle-east for almost 15 years was because you were giving a voice to the voiceless and liberating people through democracy. Was that true or was that for your own purposes? Putting people in cages does seem far-fetched, doesn’t it? I must be exaggerating, let’s see what this protester had to say.

This is shocking and you go to think. Is there any limit to power? You come in military convoys and you fire rubber bullets and then you cage them like dogs. Do the cops have a soul, do they think that this is a human life? Maybe what they’re saying is valid?

Do we live in such a capitalistic society that we can’t stop and look at what the middle class is all about and their problems?

What’s so ironic is the fact that America is the country that spread human right throughout the world with the UN and everything in the 1900’s. I hope and pray that the US government will help these protesters because they are not dogs, they’re human beings and its time to make a decision whether its money or human life that will prevail in the long run.


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