Sexual Harassment and The Mind

With Donald Trump in the news so much and with the 12th woman coming forward with sexual assault allegations, it might speak to a larger social problem. As a society, we often judge people by their actions and only start solving a problem by actions. Maybe we should start earlier.

Sexual harassment may end of up in an action but one doesn’t wake up and say I’m going to grope that girl or I’m going to in Trump’s words, “Grab em’ by the pussy!”. Its something that you’re conditioned to, its something that sexual offenders see at an early age and find it acceptable. This stems to the same psychological theory that says all humans are innately good from birth but it is society, peer pressure and other external factors that determine their behaviour and their personality.

Look at a smaller problem and it the way that the environment would affect someone to think in terms of women as objects. Making sexist jokes at home makes it okay. Women not being able to work or not standing up for themselves when they are bullied or insulted by their husbands, makes it okay. We’ve been hearing the term locker room talk a lot lately and yes there is locker room where guys talk about doing sexual things to women but here’s the problem it just doesn’t rise out of something.

So what’s the solution, we know where it comes from, so what do we do about it? We can make harsher prison terms and that will solve the problem temporarily but won’t give any solid long-term solution. There needs to be a cultural change through education not merely by having one class in your entire secondary education addressing this issue but by studying human rights, specifically an equalitarian view of feminism. I think a lot of issues come with education as well, you see a teacher would divide responsibilities between men and women, giving the harder one to the boys. These issues are small but as time goes it starts to become a norm in society and stereotypes start to develop.

All of this maybe be highly idealistic, but the question you need to ask yourself at the end of the day is would you okay if your sister, mother, girlfriend or wife was raped by a man like Mr. Trump?


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