Changing Focus: Mosul

We have been so busy focusing on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, we have completely forgotten about the on-going struggle in Iraq and Syria. If you aren’t aware, there are many forces trying to get IS out of the Iraqi city of Mosul, the second largest city in the country after Baghdad.

According to Iraqi troops, they have reclaimed 6 villages driving IS out of them and liberating the people there as they move close to Mosul. Unfortunately as they move closer to Mosul, the threat of casualties increase drastically.

Troops have already been in a few casualties since this operation started due to suicide car bombs. Another aspect that is causing problem is the fact that human shield are being used by IS. IS still has a lot of fighters left and its time to change our focus to whats happening there.

This could be the end of IS. There might not be a fundamental change in the society but there will be one and the years of terror that the Iraqi’s and Syrians have faced could soon be over.


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