Feature: Post-Election Danger (Video)

The best news  of this year is that the US Elections are finally over, so we can go back to our lives and focus on what really matters, helping people and making a difference. That will take time as social media has blown up with the fact the new President of the United States is Donald J. Trump. I guess I we were wrong when we said Clinton would win by the smallest of margins but here we are.

As you know, there have been many protest and burning of flags across the United States which speaks to a larger problem. Yes, the American people are in denial now and are forced to come to an understanding and acceptance that your president is a bigot who degrades women and holds respect for only white Americans. People from all over the world are posting about this and freaking out. Guess what? It doesn’t matter this election will not affect any country other than America right now. I’m pretty sure Trump will backpedal on every policy he’s ever made and America will not affect the world much apart from the middle-east as we have to see what counter-terrorism policies Trump will come up with if any.

The problem here is in the United States and the society they live in. It’s not going to be easy for minorities and anybody that isn’t traditionally white and that is millions of people together counting almost 40% of upwards of 300 million people. There have already been racist attacks on Arabs, Muslims, Native Americans, Blacks, Indians and the LGBT community. This is the main problem with President Trump, it makes it okay to degrade women from now. It makes it okay to be racist and have stereotypes and judge people. It’s okay to ban gay marriage, its okay to view an entire religion as a terrorist state and an entire community as rapists. This is what America will be under Trump’s presidency.

I don’t believe that all 59 million Americans that voted for him are fascist or hates women and Muslims but an overwhelming majority of those people who voted for him believe that. It really makes you wonder about humanity and whether what we think it is as a progressive community to be human, whether our values still exist in modern society. Despite that you have Catholic priests on social media saying Mr. Trump is the lesser of two evils and sending that message to Christians who value many priests words as not a guide to living by truth itself which is an extremely dangerous sentiment.

My advice to Americans who are being profiled by white supremacists is to fight back. As a community of progressives, we can do anything. We have given rights to so many people in such small amount of time and its time you take back your own.

A country is not defined by colour or religion, a country is defined by the people who live there and the ideologies that they hold dear to them. America although founded on violence and stealing land became a country that started a discussion on equality and human rights. Be that country that defines progress and kills regression.

Here’s a video by Fusion that illustrates the start of what’s about to be one of the biggest race wars in America


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