The Hope We Had: Bernie Sanders

There has been a spike in racism among local populaces in many progressive areas in America including the states of California and New York which if you’ve lived there you will know there is a much lower rate of racism there than middle-America. Democrats are up in arms across the country with protests and burning things like Trump effigies and even the American flag.

Wikileaks showed how the DNC screwed every democratic in America by leaning  towards and promoting Hillary Clinton more than Bernie Sanders or Matin O’ Malley, but let’s be fair O’ Malley had no chance in hell. People are crying in America because they got denied their first female president. That is truly unfortunate but if you didn’t have Donald Trump did you really want Hillary Clinton? Did you think Hillary Clinton would have ever brought a fundamental change? With Donald Trump, things would have changed probably for the worse and that’s why people didn’t vote for Clinton, they knew that she has never had an opinion of her own and they wanted someone who had a brain as tiny as that may be.

DNC screwed America by promoting Hillary Clinton and not Bernie Sanders and that’s the truth. Americans by a majority are misogynists so you see why Hillary Clinton has got more hate than usual but to be fair she hasn’t been decisive on one issue her entire career and her attitude of flip-flopping to popular opinion has destroyed her.

Bernie was that hope not to progressives but to everybody. He literally spread the message of love and understanding. He understood the psychology and culture of the middle east. He understood why marijuana should be legal and he understood why black lives do matter especially in the America that people live in today. He understood human rights far better than any young progressive could. He was the one to transform America, to make an actual change and not one in words and that is why he was voted out.

People in the DNC were scared that they would be fired and they’d have to find new jobs. The DNC sitting in their ivory towers knew that if Sanders was elected he would make them do actual work and not sit around and watch a country break apart. We talk about the DNC being more progressive? Really? Hillary Clinton won’t even  make a comment on the atrocious human rights violation regarding the North Dakota Pipeline issue while Bernie immediately raised his voice and showed his solidarity with the Native Americans.

You chose this candidate DNC and you should be ashamed of yourselves. You drove yourselves into the ground by selecting this candidate when you could’ve selected a candidate who would’ve made America a country that was compassionate and accepting instead of a country of violence and hate.

You’ve made your bed, now you need yo lay in it.


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