400 Incidents of Racism In 2 Weeks

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Trumplestilskin is on the loose.

Trump being very diplomatic after his election win are making people wonder whether all that Trump said was incite people to vote for him? If that’s true, he’s a much smarter man than all of us thought. Nevertheless, the rhetoric that Trump has made has already has had devastating results for the minorities in the United States.

With cars spray painted with Ni*** and Trump and Mexicans, Indians, Native Americans and Muslims being verbally attacked, must one wonder if this is the end of a “peaceful” co-existence of minorities and white Americans. When you vote for a man that makes sexist, xenophobic remarks, it gives regressive people the ideologies that it is okay to insult minorities and assault women.

Democracy was designed, to be honest, but founded in corruption from the grass root level. Trump might not do much damage in his presidency but there is no doubt his protesters will. Stop signing petitions to make Hillary Clinton president because that is not going to happen. It starts by not keeping silent when you see racism or when children are bullied because of their color or religion. Stand up for injustices whenever you see them.

The biggest lie we’ve been told is that silence is the most powerful weapon. Every time you’re silent in these situations. Children’s souls die. adults dream’s die and the word dies   when it sees how we live in  eternal misery.


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