The Establishment Plague

After a devastating loss for the democratic party in the United States, million of voters are wondering what would have happened if Bernie Sanders would have run for the democratic party instead of Hillary Clinton? I think we know the answer to that, America wouldn’t be ruled by the color orange.

The election has been over for some time now and in a week it will be one month since Donald Trump was elected, so people have had time to think about everything that happened, building up to election need and may have gained  a perspective on American politics.

This argument is still in the media on how Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and how it’s not fair and we need to remove the electoral system of voting, yet on the flipside if Hillary Clinton won no democrat would have even dared to go against the voting system.

Here is why people didn’t like Hillary Clinton, she an establishment candidate and at this point of time in American society, every middle-class family hates the establishment. The establishment makes it so difficult for you to survive in America on minimum wage and these people who fall into this basket of the middle-class are in a lot of pain because their government failed them.

This is why people hate anybody who has a strong connection to the establishment because they say they care about people and they might but they’re not going to do it because they’ve reached where they are in politics because of the oil companies and wall street and various donors on the behalf of the democratic party. That is the reason why Donald Trump won because he had nothing to do with donors or sponsors and neither did Bernie Sanders. What’s very interesting about establishment politics in America is this – when big corporations need a handout – it is being a smart businessman but when middle-class families who are not doing well need help in order to live – it’s being called a moocher or taking advantage of the system and I don’t understand that logic.

Bernie Sanders was the one ray of hope for the democratic party and you know your party is in trouble when the most progressive person in your party is a senior citizen. I’ve always said Sanders doesn’t stand for policies, his policies are based on humanity. Let’s also note that the so-called heroes of the democratic party didn’t say a word on the North Dakota Access Pipeline but Bernie Sanders went to North Dakota and stood and supported those protesters. I’m not going into specific policies of Bernie because you know that he was a human rights activist more than a politician and those kinds in modern politics are far and few.

The democratic party needs re-structuring and its representatives for 2020 election are carbon copies of Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. These representatives are wall street people and the donors love them. So we see that once again, the democratic party hasn’t learned anything!


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