Anti-Transgender Bus! What!?

The idea of a big orange bus does sound exciting!!!! Well… there are exceptions though especially when a big orange bus is used to spread discrimination and conservative propaganda.

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I think you have a pretty clear idea of what the people behind this big orange bus had in mind when they set out on their little road trip. The bus had already been vandalised in New York, which was its first stop. On further research, we found that this movement had been sponsored by three very large conservative organisations.

National Organization for Marriage, Citizen Go and International Organization for the Family were the three main sponsors for this movement. One of the organisers said that it was aimed at promoting the truth of gender which they say, “is supposed to be determined by biology rather than emotions or feelings.”

When the bus arrived in Boston, it was met with heavy protests from various LGBT group as well as citizens, what was different here was that it has the backing of the Boston mayor who said, “Together we are going to continue to fight intolerance with love and acceptance, and we will continue to fly this flag with pride in our hearts.”

The organisers were very unhappy with the reaction especially the reactions from New York and said that they want to be  treated with respect. The free speech bus will move to Connecticut, Philadelphia, Baltimore and its final stop in Washington D.C.

This speaks to both the intolerance and hypocrisy of certain christian and conservation groups as well as the tolerance in major cities like Boston that didn’t always believe in same-sex rights. Unfortunately, freedom of speech has been confused with intolerance and speaking your mind anywhere regardless of people’s feelings and emotions to certain issues.

We are humans first, much before religion, culture and beliefs.







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