The O’ Reilly Scandal

One of the biggest names on the Fox news network has been making the rounds in the past week. America’s favourite racist, Bill O’ Reilly was accused sometime ago for harassing and displaying inappropriate behaviour towards women.

An investigation by the New York Post tells us that a total of five women have received payouts from either Mr O’ Reilly himself or the parent company he’s associated with – Fox News Corporation, which was in exchange to not pursue any litigation. The settlement was a total of 13 million USD. TYT Network did a brilliant video on this and will be linked below. Keep in mind details of this article can be seen as vulgar and viewer discretion is advised.

Image: Digital Majority

In addition to this, Fox news has lost many sponsors and advertisers since this investigative story was released by the New York Times, the articles will be linked below. Now here’s where it gets interesting, despite all of this, O’ Reilly has got a contract extension. Apart from this, Roger Ailes, the former head of FNC (Fox News Corporation) who stepped down when these allegation started surfacing received a 40 million dollar exit package, which means Fox news paid 40 million dollars to Roger Ailes for leaving the company.

Bill O’ Reilly in a statement did not deny the allegations but has said that he has been attacked and him and his children are not safe in the eyes of the media.

The hypocrisy of FNC is ridiculous and the injustice in this situation is appalling. This story has just broken and more details and transcripts will be available as this story continues to break.






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New York Post Article

Bill O’ Reilly Scandal – Reported by The Young Turks (TYT Network)  [Viewer Discretion is advised]




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